ANGELA JOSSY: In all of Angela Jossy’s various roles (such as Weekly Volcano Associate Editor, director of festivals, advocate for artists, musicians and small business owners, Executive Director of Ruston Point Defiance Business District, Executive Director of Speakeasy Arts Cooperative, Producer of Duchess of Downtown Tours) using social media and staying current on the tools and best practices of marketing and public relations has been key in her success. She is also a graphic designer and professional writer. Her background in journalism, PR/Marketing, graphic design and promotion makes her a quadruple threat when it comes to spreading a message effectively. Her leadership and teambuilding skills have been demonstrated by the success of all her projects. She is passionate about Tacoma, improving its tourism and economic development. As you will see by the awards listed on her resume, she has a long track record of success.

When Angela was in her early 20s she was a technical support analyst in the corporate world (NCR, AT&T, Weyerhaeuser) helping customers solve their computer troubles. She also traveled to box plants and paper mills throughout the US installing software and training employees how to use it.

While she was doing that, in her down time she would draw with a mouse and an archaic program called Microsoft Paint. Coworkers were stunned by what she could do with that rudimentary program. When she wasn’t doing that, she used computer paper and a pencil to draw pictures from magazines. Since then she has taken dozens classes and read books on graphic design. She has completed hundreds of design projects for various clients. For years she was the production person for Swarner Communications designing and laying out newspaper pages of Weekly Volcano, NW Airlifter and Fort Lewis Ranger. As a freelancer she has designed websites, web ads, print ads, banners, signs, logos, fliers, letterhead and event posters.

Angela’s job experience includes IT support, journalist, associate editor, festival director, tour organizer and executive director but graphic design is the one thread that has continued throughout her whole career and set her apart from her contemporaries. The ability to carry a message visually is an important skill and it has served her and her clients well.

Best of all, Angela Jossy is local, passionate, creative, innovative and eager to take on new challenges and she has an extensive network of equally passionate supporters and collaborators.

Angela has a professional and award winning history of putting together stunning events. The events hosted at Speakeasy Arts Cooperative were an excellent example of working with organizations to plan and execute successful and unforgettable events. She has also planned events at Emerald Queen Casino, Hotel Murano, Tacoma Convention Center, Liberty Theater, Admiral Theater and more. Apart from those, she is probably more known for her work with large festivals like Art on the Ave, Zoobilee, Glassroots Festival and more. For a full list please see resume below.