Duchess of Downtown specializes in services for small businesses, start-ups, artists, musicians, entertainers and non-profit organizations. Let Duchess of Downtown be your one stop shop for all your event planning, publicity, social media marketing, graphic design and fundraising needs. Email Angela.Jossy@Gmail.com to set up a consultation, order services or ask for a customized package of services.


Logo Design $600

A good logo is the keystone of your business branding. I would love to create an image for you that you and your customers will love. First step is a phone consultation. I use this conversation as inspiration to make you a page full of logo prototypes to choose from.

Basic Websites $1800

This package includes a new website and/or a complete website makeover with a clean modern design and that is easy for your visitors to navigate. Website will be crafted in such a way that it will be simple for you to make your own updates without having to rely on an outside person.  This package includes up to 6 pages, links to your social media accounts, mobile-ready version and a lesson on how you can easily make simple updates to your website from any web browser without the need to purchase software.
Payment arrangements: I ask for half up front and the remaining balance on completion. Typical time frame for completion is 6 weeks. Credit cards, checks and cash accepted.
Additional website related services:
- Logo design ($500 typically)
- Custom made graphics ($25 per hour)
- WordPress theme ( $99.95 - $249.95 )
- Domain name ( $14 Per Year )
- Hosting cost ( $4.95 Per Month )
- Mailing list sign up ( $249 or less )
- Shopping cart ( $949 to $2049 )
- Embedded video ( Setup Fee of $249 or less )
- Photo slide show ( Setup fee of $349 or less )
- Customized email addresses ( $24.95 each )
- Embedded social media feed ( $199.95 )
- Search engine optimization ( $249.95 to $549.95 Per Month )
- Online Customer Chat Service Setup ( $99.95 )
- Pop Out Contact Us and Content Tabs ( $149.95 )
- Hover Menus ( $149.95 )
- Online Appointments Processing ( $249 )
- Hacked Site Repair ( $249 to $549 )
- Domain / Site Rescue Services ( $149 to $649)
- Optimize Page Presentation ( $249 to $349 )
- Content Maintenance Plans ( $249 to $449  per month )
- Image Collages ( $99.95 )
- Site Backup ( $99.95 )
- Custom Training Videos  ( $349 to $549 )
- Online Merchant Account Integration ( $349 )
- PC Optimization / Cleanup ( $249 )


Publicity Campaign $600

This package includes 1 digital storytelling package (max of 20 hours) toward the following objectives:

* Identification of target demographic (who are your ideal customers?)
* Assessment of mission statement (what problem are you solving?)
* Determination of strategy for spreading your unique message
* Creation of marketing plan and implementation of campaign
* Press releases to appropriate local and national publications
* Social Media growth and management


Social Media Management System $300

For a one time fee, I will set up all your social media sites into one place (where you can schedule all your posts for the week) and teach you how to easily manage it.

1 week social media campaign $250

 When you just need that last minute blast of publicity - I will work with you to design and launch an impactful social media campaign utilizing your network and mine. Includes promoted posts to your target demographic.

Festival Management $6000

Experienced, professional festival management by an award winning festival director. Includes 6 months of meetings, staff management and direction of all aspects of festival planning.

*Team Building
*Branding, Marketing, PR
*Volunteer Management
*Safety & Security
*Vendor Procurement & Management


Tour Promotion Package $100 - $1000

A 30 day promotion (includes extensive social media marketing to an audience of 50k locals) culminates in a bus tour visit to your business.  Local and national press releases are sent out. The tour is listed on approximately 15 online event calendars. Each business on the tour will send a photo and a paragraph to us describing the business and we post them together on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and etc. Upcoming tours include Beer Tasting Tour, Wine Tasting Tour, ART BUS Tour, Cannabis Tour, Shopping Tour and more TBA.  Please inquire via email to angela.jossy@gmail.com to see if your business fits into any of our upcoming tours or let us know if you would like us to build a customized tour around your business. 


Poster Design Service $150

Sleek and sexy, kitschy and cute, gritty and cool - whatever type of theme you have in mind, I can design a poster you'll be proud of. It will be designed to your size specifications.

Illustration $250

Customized drawing of the subject of your choice. My specialty is portraits of a people or animals. See portfolio here: https://www.pinterest.com/angela_jossy/pencil-portraits/

Consultation $100

This consultation provides resources and strategies for small business owners, artists, musicians, festival organizers and non-profit organizations.  During this session I will answer your questions about any one of the following topics: event planning, promotions, advertising/marketing, getting press, fundraising, networking in Tacoma, selling online, cooperative gallery management, art/music promotion, graphic design, branding, demographics, surveys, website strategies, etc. My resources can be your resources and I have over 10 years experience and a very large network of resources to pull from.

Going mobile $350 - $1200

If you would like your business to be on the cutting edge of technology, I can help you tap into the mobile market. Whether that means making your website mobile ready, creating your own app or getting listed in an app that is tailored to your industry, I have solutions to tell you about. 

Small Business revamp $1800

Business advancement package
1: Culture Crafting Session - the foundation on which we build your brand, your message and your marketing plans  (includes 3 coaching sessions)
2: Re-branding - craft your company images to fit your new culture. Includes session with us and graphic design (logo update, taglines, etc)
3: Website landing page - the place we will send all the funnel traffic to capture sales
4: Create detailed marketing plan and a replicatable 30 day campaign
5: Set up sales funnel (create and ramp up social media and affiliate links)
6: Training for maintaining and updating all of the above

We will meet 6 times over a course of 2-3 months (some of this we can accomplish over the phone if that is easier). I will provide you with resources, ideas, connections, business strategies, advice, marketing system and valuable training on how to get the most exposure possible for your business.

First Step:  

Culture Crafting - Trish Lecy leads this workshop for you and your team to clearly identify the core values that make up the unique culture of your business. You will come away with Vision, Mission and Values that will be the foundation of your success. This clarity will also enable you to make decisions more easily and to more clearly communicate with your customers about who you are, what you do and why you do it. For more information, go to: http://culturecrafted.com/testimonials/


We look at your web presence and printed materials to make sure everything you are sending out is in alignment with the core values. Then we will update anything that needs to change.


We will also systematize the way you handle your social media from here on out. We will set you up on any social media channels that you are not on yet and give the ones you have a boost. As an added bonus, I will invite my social media followers to connect with you on all your social media platforms.

After that we spend the remainder of our time together doing this:

We will create and implement a 30 day marketing plan for your business launch event that you will be able to understand replicate yourself from now on. I will help you reach out to the press, to groups that may be interested in what you do and look at various forms of advertising with you to ensure that your advertising budget is stretched to its maximum capacity. You will have a very detailed marketing plan when we are finished with step by step instructions so you can do this again and again. As an added bonus, I will invite all my social media followers to your launch.

TOTAL COST of this plan is $1800 and you can do payments ($300 per month for 6 months). Or if you would rather pay up front then we offer a 20% discount and you'll only pay $1440.

Customized packages available. Please email angela@duchessofdowntown.com for a consultation.


I've had the pleasure or working with a lot of amazing people over the last twenty years. Here are some testimonials from a few of them:


“I have always enjoyed the events and productions managed by Angie – be it as part of the Art of the Ave on a guest panel of judges for a dog costume contest or as a guest announcer for the life-sized Tacomapoly or when I am riding (and sometimes hosting) on the ARTBUS.  She brings her creative mind and hard work to make events and programs both successful and memorable.”

David Boe
Deputy Mayor, City of Tacoma


"During our first meeting with Angela, I was a bit skeptical of her mastery of such a broad skill set...
How could one person be so well-versed in: graphic design, events, public relations, social media, networking, databases, and generally connected with every Tacoma niche in sight? Well, after working with her, I see clearly she was not exaggerating! I was quite delighted with her contributions to the Symphony's project, plus it's a pleasure to work with such a likable individual."

Laura W. Stone
Advancement Manager
Tacoma Symphony


"I have worked with Angela on many community and private projects over the past 10 years. She is creative, talented and a pro at understanding a vision and making it come to fruition."

Kim Archer
Singer/Band Leader/Music Booker
Tacoma WA


"Angela is one of the most creative women I've had the pleasure of working with.   Our label worked with her booking acts and placing a stage at Art on the Ave Festival.  She exceeded my expectations with both communication and support she provided for my acts.  Additionally, I've had the pleasure of participating in various different events she has put on over the years and have always been impressed with the synergies she has created within our community."

Raymond Hayden
CEO, Maurice the Fish Records
Tacoma WA


"Hey all...Angela Jossy is a genius that took Luv-It Corp to the next level. Her skills far exceeded anyone I worked with in the past. Keep up the fantastic work."

Frederick McClendon
CEO - Luv-It Corp / 7 Million Dollar Brooklyn Lottery Winner
New York, NY


"Angela is a good listener.  I told her exactly what I needed for my client’s logo and the theme and style and she was laser focused.  She was also very flexible and accommodating.  I highly recommend her.  Angela is very professional and easy to work with."  

Karen Parziale,
CEO - 360 Degrees Publicity Shoppe
Hoboken, NJ


"We hired Angela to help in the designing of some large-format trade show displays. One was an intensive project that needed to be turned around in a short amount of time. Angela was a life-saver! She was quick, creative and responsive to the client's edits and was able to come up with work-around solutions when small snags came up. Angela is a gifted, artistic professional who goes above and beyond to satisfy her clients, and can assist any business in developing an identity. She has ideas that are outside of the box and just what our clients were looking for. I would highly recommend Angela for her work, value, responsiveness, and ability to implement her clients' goals. She is a talented graphic designer and we plan on using her services again."

Larry Larrivee
Graphics Manager, Smash Hit Displays
Gig Harbor, WA


"Angie has been associated with our papers for 15+ years, and I can't recommend her enough.  She's not only reliable and friendly, but incredibly knowledgeable and connected in the community."

Ken Swarner
Publisher, The Ranger/NW Airlifter/Weekly Volcano/Stars & Stripes



"Angela Jossy plays a multitude of roles in the creative community. Among her skills, she's a marketing and PR goddess, event coordinator, musician, talented artist across several mediums and most of all has her thumb on the pulse of the city. All of these factors equate to her having this unique ability to get people excited for and invested in whatever project she has set her mind to. She dreams big and concocts creative solutions to produce events and art for all to enjoy. Bottom line she is an instrumental cog in the big machine that helps our creative culture flourish."

Jackie Fender
Founder of Creative Colloquy


Specifically for ART BUS:


"Playing the role of Tour Guide for Angela “Duchess of Downtown” Jossy's Tacoma Art Bus was an absolute delight. With bus driver Greg “the great” at the helm, we hit 6 arty spots around town—with an impromptu meditation moment @ Kathy Price’s Good Karma gallery— and finished with delicious FREE pizza and a raffle for super good prizes. Tacoma Art Bus is, most definitely, 3-hours well spent." — Nancy Guppy, host of Art Zone www.seattlechannel.org/artzone

"Tacoma has a great arts community. The Art Bus tour opened my eyes to talent and it was fun hanging with passengers eager to soak up the city's arts." - Elisa Jaffe, KOMO 4 News

"I did not know what to expect when I signed up to be a Art bus celebrity tour guide. My wife and I had a awesome experience. We got to meet great people, see interesting art and the quirkier side of Tacoma. If you want to do something different for change, ride The Bus” - Rob Thielke aka Vern Fonk

"I had a great time on the Art Bus. It was fascinating to see how active the Art Community is in Tacoma. I never realized it. I was also surprised by how much we were able to visit during the Art Bus Tour." - Rich Marriott, KING 5 News.

"Art Bus is an awesome experience to see some of the"roads less traveled" in Tacoma, take in some of the best of the best and nooks and crannies that you would probably never find on your own. Great way to spend an evening, meet new people and experience the artists that make Tacoma such an awesome place to live." - Ryan Mello, Tacoma City Council

"Being a tour guide for the Tacoma Art Bus is a great opportunity to show off Tacoma's creative side." - Marty Campbell, Tacoma City Council.

"Working with the Art Bus was an absolute blast! We had so much fun and the whole experience is something that everyone should have. It is professionally run from beginning to end, the people are great and you get to eat and look at great art all along the way! It's a win all around!!  I would do it again any time!"Darrell Fortune - nwczradio.com

"The Tacoma Art Bus is so entertaining it might be illegal someday." - Pierce County Prosecutor Prosecutor Mark Lindquist


"The Tacoma ART BUS was a wonderful experience. Organized, informative and laid back, I learned so much more about this city and its inhabitants! Complete with fun food and drinks along the way, what a great opportunity to take a loved one on a date or else a great place to meet and mingle with other locals and tourists alike. I highly recommend the experience." - Ben Union, musician 


"I love the annual shopping tour!  It gives you a chance to support local businesses and shop stress free. No driving, no parking, just hanging out with friends having a great time."Victoria Woodards, Tacoma City Council


"There's no better place  to learn about the coolness of Tacoma - and Pierce County - community gardens than the ARTBUS. Twice, Angela has invited me to be a tour guide, and twice I have had the fun of visiting gardens I did not know existed. Angela and uber-gardener Kristen McIvor of HARVEST Pierce County compile great info on the gardens - how they organized, who supports them, what they grow and who they grow it for. With that, we have enough background to have meaningful conversations when we meet the actual gardeners. Also, Sweeties, we play The Corn Game to win Fabulous Prizes."Kathleen Merryman, journalist (News Tribune, Tacoma Weekly)

Duchess of Downtown Bio

Graphic Design | Marketing | Festival, Conference & Tour Organization

Angela Jossy

Founder & Producer

Festival Director, former Associate Editor of Weekly Volcano Newspaper, singer/songwriter, artist and graphic designer.

DUCHESS OF DOWNTOWN ANGELA JOSSY: In all of Angela Jossy's various roles (such as Weekly Volcano Associate Editor, director of festivals, advocate for artists, musicians and small business owners, Executive Director of Ruston Point Defiance Business District, Executive Director of Speakeasy Arts Cooperative, Producer of Duchess of Downtown Tours) using social media and staying current on the tools and best practices of marketing and public relations has been key in her success. She is also a graphic designer and professional writer. Her background in journalism, PR/Marketing, graphic design and promotion makes her a quadruple threat when it comes to spreading a message effectively. Her leadership and teambuilding skills have been demonstrated by the success of all her projects. She is passionate about Tacoma, improving its tourism and economic development. As you will see by the awards listed on her resume, she has a long track record of success.

When Angela was in her early 20s she was a technical support analyst in the corporate world (NCR, AT&T, Weyerhaeuser) helping customers solve their computer troubles. She also traveled to box plants and paper mills throughout the US installing software and training employees how to use it.

While she was doing that, in her down time she would draw with a mouse and an archaic program called Microsoft Paint. Coworkers were stunned by what she could do with that rudimentary program. When she wasn't doing that, she used computer paper and a pencil to draw pictures from magazines. Since then she has taken dozens classes and read books on graphic design. She has completed hundreds of design projects for various clients. For years she was the production person for Swarner Communications designing and laying out newspaper pages of Weekly Volcano, NW Airlifter and Fort Lewis Ranger. As a freelancer she has designed websites, web ads, print ads, banners, signs, logos, fliers, letterhead and event posters.

Angela's job experience includes IT support, journalist, associate editor, festival director, tour organizer and executive director but graphic design is the one thread that has continued throughout her whole career and set her apart from her contemporaries. The ability to carry a message visually is an important skill and it has served her and her clients well.

Best of all, Angela Jossy is local, passionate, creative, innovative and eager to take on new challenges and she has an extensive network of equally passionate supporters and collaborators.

Angela has a professional and award winning history of putting together stunning events. The events hosted at Speakeasy Arts Cooperative were an excellent example of working with organizations to plan and execute successful and unforgettable events. She has also planned events at Emerald Queen Casino, Hotel Murano, Tacoma Convention Center, Liberty Theater, Admiral Theater and more. Apart from those, she is probably more known for her work with large festivals like Art on the Ave, Zoobilee, Glassroots Festival and more. For a full list please see resume below.


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